The “Just LIVV” EP is available in all online stores featuring “Tear Down the Walls” which

has been downloaded or streamed in over 70 countries and 6,000 cities worldwide.

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LIVV is a 16 year old American singer-songwriter from the New England area and has been performing in both small and large venues since the age of 11. She has been seen performing National Anthems at major events all over New England including the New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, New England Revolution, NASCAR and Monster Energy Super-cross. Her first single, "Tear Down the Walls" has been streamed or downloaded in 70 countries and over 6,000 cities worldwide. She released her first EP on July 20th, 2018 which is available in all online music stores. Her powerful vocals accompanied by a confident spirit and caring attitude shine through and are capturing the ears and hearts of her growing fan-base.