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LIVV is a 15 year old American singer-songwriter from the New England area and has been performing in both small and large venues since the age of 11. Her first single, "Tear Down the Walls" was released in late 2017. She released her first double EP on July 20th, 2018. There are two volumes because her first 5 songs were recorded when she was 13 with a more youthful tone and message of confidence for young girls everywhere to live out their fairytales. Her second volume remains youthful but contains 5 songs that are slightly more mature with vocal quality and messages that reflect her development and experiences as an early stage teen going through the important transitions of life. Her powerful vocals accompanied by a confident spirit and caring attitude shine through in her debut EP's and are capturing the ears and hearts of her growing fan-base.

available on all online music stores

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Just LIVV vol. 1

5 Song EP that was recorded in Philadelphia when LIVV was 13 years old. The songs are fun for all ages and relate to the life of a confident middle school girl living out her fairytale. The songs have youthful tone and message with powerful vocals that appear in slow, mid-tempo and upbeat tracks that are sure to get you onto the dance floor.

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Just livv vol. 2

5 Song EP that was recorded in Philadelphia when LIVV was 14 years old. You can hear the maturity in both vocals and song message as a young middle schooler goes through important years of social and physical development. The songs still have a youthful feel but with a slightly more mature vocal quality and focused messages... simply because life is becoming more challenging and serious in the early teen years of a young girl.

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LIVV takes a pass at the studio world and Logic Pro X as she Sings, mixes and masters her first self produced version of the Christmas classic “Oh Holy Night”.

Covers and other vocal performances

Below are audio clips of covers and various recordings


We worked on a great project with a great artist and I think she’s going to be a superstar!
— Dr. Carvin Haggins (Grammy award-winning songwriter-producer)


Live Radio Show on WEMF with CityWide Blackout

LIVV singing Perfect by Ed Sheeran a cappella and  live on the radio during an interview with CityWide Blackout on WEMF. 

104.9 Live Broadcast of the North Shore Toy Drive

LIVV singing Grown Up Christmas List at the North Shore 104.9 toy drive with MA Senator Bruce Tarr. The show was broadcasted live on the radio.

Hard Rock Cafe Boston

LIVV performing several originals and a cover at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston with dancers Julia and Emily

Boston Children's Hospital Benefit Show - "Last Dance" by Donna Summer

LIVV performing "Last Dance" by Donna Summer with her dancers Julia Dickey and Emily Atkinson at a Boston Children's Hospital Charity Event.


National Anthems Have played a key role in LIVV's development and rise in popularity. This is a montage of her anthems in large venues from the ages of 12 to 14. Her development both vocally and from a performance perspective are evident as the video progresses.


275TH ANNIVERSARY performance

Upon the conclusion of the Town of Windham NH's 275th anniversary week, LIVV was asked to perform several songs to help celebrate the special occasion. This video is a clip from her cover"Titanium" by Sia.


LIVV singing "The Power of Love" at the  2017 Mrs. America Pageant.

Livv (13) -Have yourself a merry little Christmas

LIVV singing Christmas Carols on a live radio broadcast on 104.9 at the Shalin Liu Performance Center with MA Senator Bruce Tarr.


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