The “Just LIVV” double EP now available in all online stores featuring “Tear Down the Walls”.

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Click on the Music or EPK links above to hear LIVV’s cover of “Win” by Brian McKnight. Recorded for the Blackout Cancer Awareness Video.

LIVV covered the song “Win” by Brian McKnight at the 2018 Blackout for cancer Awareness Events in the State of New Hampshire to support families battling cancer. Full recording can be heard below and will be used in the Blackout for cancer video.



Click here to listen to Tear Down the Walls on Apple Music



Option 2 Just LIVV Vol 1.jpg

Just LIVV Vol. 1

5 Song EP that was recorded in Philadelphia when LIVV was 13 years old. The songs are fun for all ages and relate to the life of a confident middle school girl living out her fairytale. The songs have youthful tone and message with powerful vocals that appear in slow, mid-tempo and upbeat tracks that are sure to get you onto the dance floor.

Copy of Just LIVV Vol 2.jpg

Just LIVV Vol. 2

5 Song EP that was recorded in Philadelphia when LIVV was 14 years old. You can hear the maturity in both vocals and song message as a young middle schooler goes through important years of social and physical development. The songs still have a youthful feel but with a slightly more mature vocal quality and focused messages simply because life is becoming more challenging and serious in the early teen years of a young girl.